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Immetech Engineering’s Thoughts on Huawei

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Immetech Engineering’s Thoughts on Huawei

Recently there has been overwhelming news about mobile communications brand Huawei, with Huawei products banned in the US market. On June 17th, Huawei CEO and two US tech experts had a dialogue, reported by China Daily.

For Immetech, we are a much smaller sized company and from a different industry. But Huawei’s business philosophy is something worthwhile for every company to learn from, especially in the manufacturing industry.


huawei dialog


  1. Positioning, Commitment, Ethics.
    Positioning needs to be clear at the very beginning for each business – why it was started and where to go, keeping true to initial commitments and ethics. Immetech set up its mission “aiming to become a top leading enterprise of the new craftsman spirit”, which we pursue with the aim to be perfect on every detail, and the craftsman spirit built into our whole company culture.
  2. Collaboration can meet the global demands of humans.
    Every company has its own competency, from which we should take and contribute some common value to society. Immetech collaborates with many US technology providers, we use a lot of temperature & pressure sensors from RJG for our high grade export tools, Moldstar90 Beryllium Cooper from Performance Alloys & Services, Inc. DME & INCOE hot runners from the US, Bauer nitrogen controller compression units for our gas injection molds. Further afield is German steel for tool inserts and more. We can’t be against collaboration on advanced technologies – they are the weapon to make better products more efficiently.
  3. Innovation
    Innovation is the life of enterprise: how much you care about it indicates in part how far the business can go. Immetech also thinks the same, and our innovation covers not only technologies and engineering, but also equipment, working systems and staff training.
  4. Open minded
    Experience and willingness to listen are more important than knowledge. Learning from different people is a treasure. We believe that mold industry can learn from other industries too, we can always get innovative ideas as the world progresses.
  5. Be grateful for setbacks.
    We should not hate mistakes, setbacks, competitors and enemies. They are pushing us to think back and review. Be grateful for what you have experienced, especially for the difficulties. In the case of the US tariff challenge, we can build stronger relationships with our customers as we overcome the issue together.