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Immetech | Enabling Convenient Travel Solutions

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Immetech | Enabling Convenient Travel Solutions

In June 2019, China’s National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport jointly issued an implementation plan to accelerate the application of ETC card technology, recognizing that by the end of 2019, there will be over 90% automated toll collection coverage on highways. By the end of 2020, the plan is to extend the use of ETC services for large-scale transportation stations such as airports, railway and bus stations, port terminals and so on, and to promote ETC-enabled parking in residential areas, at tourist attractions and more.


Immetech is proud to be a part of a solution for facilitating more convenient travel with fast mobile payments. With trust in our strength based on long-term cooperation, our customer sent an initial inquiry in early September. Through rapid response and efforts of both parties, Immetech and our customers won the bid for the ETC project together and became the producer of plastic shell batch mold makers and plastic finished products.


After receiving the customer inquiry on September 4, we completed the project review in the shortest possible time. We then completed the mold design and material preparation in one week and completed the production and delivery of multiple sets of replica molds in 25 days. We use top-quality imported steel, and the mold insert and sliders are specially hardened to ensure a prolonged tool life. The customer approved the sample on returning to work from the National Day break and is now in the production stage. In the next three to five months, we will provide the customers with a large number of plastic casings. This will enable ETC equipment to be installed in the majority of drivers’ cars as soon as possible, contributing to the convenience of humanity.