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Immetech’s DMG MORI 5-axis high-speed CNC put into production

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Immetech’s DMG MORI 5-axis high-speed CNC put into production

Since the incorporation of Immetech, our aim always has been to be an established leader in the manufacturing industry.  We know that having the best equipment is vital to high productivity levels, as well as a solution to long-term sustainable development. To help achieve this we have bolstered our manufacturing range with a DMG MORI 5-axis high-speed CNC machine imported from Japan. The DMG MORI 5-Axis was put into production in March 2021 after a doled-out process of installation, commission, and most importantly personal training. 

The machine’s full name of “DMG MORI NMV5000 DCG 5-Axis Control Vertical Machining Center”, is a large vertical machining centre for mold processing. It comes equipped with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge 5 axis machine tools to further enhance our precision-product development capabilities.  The DMG MORI machine adopts a DCG (Driven at the Centre of Gravity) technology and has a Direct Drive Motor and ORC (Octagonal Ram Construction) to manage increasingly complex workpieces. The machine achieves a high-quality result with pin-point precision and a quick product turnaround, ensuring every time the five-star finish Immetech is known for. 

Compared to CNC machines with only 2 or 3 axis, the 5 axis CNC machine is a more sophisticated and complex process. An example of this is the production of the parts for watches which still mainly uses traditional casting processes of making a model to a mode, and then doing the polishing afterward. However, using a 5-axis CNC machine means we can simply input parameters, and then make different shapes of the products directly. 

Furthermore, when looking at the manufacturing of the automotive industry, firms such as Tesla, BMW, Ferrari, etc. are using 5-axis CNC machining to replace parts of the casting process. Below are some examples of how they are achieving this: 

Immetech’s vision is to “Serve Products to the world; build molds to the globe” which means remaining committed to working closely with customers to develop and produce products with high-quality and added value. 

Our dedication to the products we produce helps customers quickly occupy the market and beat the competition. Should your project need a top-range production quality and short manufacturing cycle times, feel free to contact us – [email protected]