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Immetech celebrates receiving the High-tech Enterprise Certificate! 

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Immetech celebrates receiving the High-tech Enterprise Certificate! 

Immetech Ltd. recently received the High-tech Enterprise Certification for the second time, after our business was identified as one of the leading enterprises in Guangdong Province. The certificate was jointly issued by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Department of Finance, the Taxation Bureau, and the State Administration of Taxation. We are firm believers in developing new technologies, seeing innovation as the driving force to further enhance the capabilities and strong results of the business. Our newest achievement is a strong representation of our companys long-term commitment to technological innovation, as well as representing what Immetech stands for: scientific and technological achievement as well as continuous research and development. 

Since its inception in 2009, Immetech has successfully helped the development of numerous enterprises, leveraging our technological know-how and advanced machinery. Examples of products developed using these advanced techniques include car glove boxes, energy-saving lamps, radiator covers, electric seal structures, and calculator bases. These developments were realized through techniques such as real-time detection of temperatures in the injection mold cavity injection, optimization of a water economizer, and other strategies we will share in future articles. Currently, there are dozens of patents undergoing the application process where we are working closely with our partners, one being a medical vaporizer product that has been identified as a high-tech product by the Guangdong province.

This recent certificate joins the growing collection at Immetech, including ISO9001:2015 management system, SMETA social responsibility audit and medical system ISO 13485:2016 certifications. Moreover, our facilities feature a 10,000-grade dust-free workshop which was achieved after the testing of items produced in the injection mold workshop met the requirements of Grade 7 (10K grade) in the “Code for Clean Workshop Design” GB 50073-2013.

 As an innovative injection mold maker, Immetech pays great attention to the nurturing and recruitment of hard-working talent, whose tireless efforts bolster the production, R&D, and delivery of our company. They continuously improve the added value of products, providing scientific knowledge and overcoming potential product design challenges for our clients. In addition, Immetech has set up a specialized engineering technology research center consisting of highly-regarded engineers and industrial designers that work in cooperation with well-established institutes, universities, and multinational companies. The core focus is to promote scientific product development and be a hub for innovation, looking to be constantly improving the core competitiveness and sustainable development of the company. 

In all, through continuous innovation and technological know-how, Immetech remains committed to serve products to the world, build molds to the globe”, providing a one-stop service for all your project needs. We take on board both international and domestic clients in the automotive, medical and electrical industries, plus many more. As we reflect on this latest recognition as a high-tech enterprise, we take this opportunity to look forward and find more ways to help our customers and contribute to the manufacturing industry’s continuous development.