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Immetech celebrates National Day

Immetech / News  / Immetech celebrates National Day

Immetech celebrates National Day

Nationwide celebrations on the 73rd anniversary of ‘New China’

Lights twinkle and sounds of joy ring out across China as we approach the 73rd anniversary of the country. Immetech would like to wish everyone a peaceful and meaningful National Day holiday!

Immetech National Day Holiday Schedule
  • October 1-5 holiday, a total of 5 days.
  • Start back to work as normal on Thursday October 6.

This holiday is a wonderful time for people across China to take a break from work and escape the daily routine, and come together with friends and family at leisure.

Traveling Home

During this festival, many people have planned ahead and booked tickets to their family home, ready to spend time and share hometown memories with those relatives not seen in a long time.

Outings with friends 

It’s a wonderful time to convene with good friends and take a trip out to explore nature and wonder at the world, forgetting the usual pressures of time with laughter and fun.

Blossoming love

Long-distance sweethearts have the chance at long last to connect, sharing precious moments.

Quiet reading time

On a quiet afternoon with the sun shining in a clear blue sky, a perfect time to sit down in the library and explore by wandering among books.

We will be enjoying this period of relaxation, and will be back with you fully recharged and refreshed! Happy National Day Holiday!