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Immetech assists with sterilizer technology development

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Immetech assists with sterilizer technology development

Increasing global demands for sterilizer technology

Since its creation Immetech has been using its wealth of experience to assist clients in the health technology markets. More recently Immetech has proudly assisted Handi with its production expertise to successfully launch a large-scale outdoor infrared hands-free sterilizer. From 2020 the COVID-19 global pandemic spread rapidly affecting more than 200 countries around the world, during this time Immetech’s R&D team responded to British customer needs by working with their partner to develop and launch a large-scale outdoor infrared hands-free sterilizer called Handi. Since being launched globally the market response has been excellent; Handi has been used at busy international events and public locations, such as hospitals, shopping malls, subway stations, schools, factories, libraries among many other indoor or outdoor environments.

Handi product introduction

This sterilizing dispenser is widely favored because of its cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design; it’s equipped with infrared automatic sensors, a 3.5-liter disinfectant storage tank and has the ability to sterilize 6,000-10,000 times, greatly reducing the labor cost of disinfection to protect users from the effects of the pandemic. Its main body and base are made of aluminum alloy, and its aesthetic look can be tailored according to customer requirements.

How did Immetech assist Handi?

Immetech Ltd closely followed the needs of its client for customized mold design by maximizing DFM improvement, analyzing product functions, manufacturing the products, and then exporting them to Europe, Japan, the United States and various other regions.


Successful global launch of Handi

The product has been a success worldwide having been used in a range of public spaces around the world; helping everyone there to feel safer by taking additional sanitization precautions. It has also been used for famous international events; the totem below was designed especially for the European Golf Tour in July 2020 ; it landed on the tee for the first time at the British Masters leg of the championship, playing a key role in anti-epidemic prevention there.

Handi was also put into use on site at the Carbis Bay Estate in St. Ives, UK which held the G7 summit in June 2021; attendees used it to disinfect themselves each time they entered the venue, playing an immeasurable part in providing extra peace of mind for everyone at this important political meeting through making sure safety and protection needs were met.

What are the 3 main benefits of this sterilizing dispenser?

1. Customers can choose from 2 versions according to their product needs:

  • One model is a soap pump dispenser that disposes a foam or gel disinfectant; the other is a peristaltic pump machine that distributes alcohol disinfectant.

2. Refilling is easy & fast:

  • Users just simply need to plug it into any sanitizer container by connecting the hose to its machine. Then at a push of a button, the machine can be filled up to capacity within 60 seconds.

3. Zero waste sanitization:

  • Handi designed the industry’s first zero waste solution to sanitizer packaging and distribution. Its re-fillable and re-useable sanitizer bags can be filled with all kinds of liquid sanitizer. This sustainable approach eradicates plastic waste issues caused by using standard single use plastic bottles and cartons.

Handi and Immetech inquiries

Find out more about Handi by visiting its website or by contacting the Handi operations team at 3Form Design, our UK partner, by emailing: [email protected].

Immetech Ltd continues to work hard on ensuring a healthy and quality of life for all, while creating greater value for our customers. If you have any medical projects that require technical support, please inquire with us at [email protected] and we will do our upmost to assist you.