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Immetech and Siemens cooperate for information security

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Immetech and Siemens cooperate for information security

In 2021, Immetech and Siemens have launched a strategic cooperation, adopting the use of legitimate, licensed UG NX software, which provides support for the maintenance of customer information security and the implementation of intellectual property strategy.

Introduction to UG Software

UG software is actually formally known as NX software; in 2006, Siemens purchased the US company UGS for €3.5 billion. At that time UG was renamed as NX, but it is still commonly referred to as UG software.

UG NX is a CAD/CAM/CAE 3D parameterized design software launched by Unigraphics Solutions. It has been widely used in automotive, transportation, aerospace, consumer goods, general machinery and electronics industries and other engineering design fields. UG NX software is composed of several modules, mainly including CAD, CAM, CAE injection molding, sheet metal parts, WEB, pipeline application, quality engineering application, reverse engineering and other application modules. Each functional module is based on the Gateway environment, and they are both related and independent.

Software is an important manifestation of a company’s soft power, but also the embodiment of a company’s core competitiveness. Immetech will continue to enhance the competitiveness of products and ensure the security of customer information.