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Immetech and INVT | portable power project

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Immetech and INVT | portable power project

Immetech and INVT Solar Technology collaborated to develop a powerful portable mobile power project

Whether in a bustling city or in the fresh air and quiet of the countryside, after years of technological developments, smart mobile devices have become an indispensable part of people’s life, with outdoor high-power mobile continuation devices becoming more and more essential. Based on increased demand for outdoor mobile energy storage in daily life, INVT, an energy management research and development expert, and Immetech, a plastic parts development expert, collaborated to develop IMARS BH500, a portable mobile power product in October 2019.

First, let’s introduce the functions of this product:

  1. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments without power supply
  2. Multi-interface output from home to office, all 5V~240V electrical and electronic products can be used
  3. The intelligent monitoring power shows the effective range of use. A single charge can support continuous outdoor use for more than 4 hours
  4. Charging input channels are wide and convenient, and are compatible with cars’ outdoor charging functions
  5. Compatible with wireless charging output and other functions, meeting the needs of urban workers and outdoor sports lovers alike, ideal for mobile office work, camping and more


How was such a high-quality product designed, especially as a portable power source on which smart mobile devices depend? From the perspective of Immetech, a key plastics developer, let’s introduce the design, development and production details of such beautiful plastic parts.


The primary management and control aspects of plastic parts include structural positioning, mismatch management, surface shrinkage, deformation, impact resistance, and high- and low-temperature environment testing. We’ll cover the design points of each process step by step

  • Coordination of structural positioning design:

  1. Portable top and bottom covers are designed with male and female positioning of cylindrical round holes, and the design of reinforcing ribs is used for mutual positioning
  2. The reinforcing ribs design supports the cover plate and extrusion parts
  3. The cover plate and the panel are designed to coordinate with the PC board slot space
  4. The base is designed to use mutually locked screw posts and screw hole

  • Deformation protection and impact resistance structure design:

This employs not only the rational design of wall thickness, but also reinforcing ribs inside the plastic body with reasonable position, size and thickness. The reinforcing ribs design needs to maintain a thickness ratio to provide a shrink-proof structure on the basis of function, environment and usage requirements.


Immetech capitalized on its many years’ experience in professional plastic-products design and development, to assist INVT in developing the IMARS BH500 project efficiently and on time. If you’re looking to own such a great portable rechargeable battery solution, check out their website, or email [email protected] / [email protected].