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Immetech Adopts Degating In-Mold Technology

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Immetech Adopts Degating In-Mold Technology

Immetech Industrial Introduces Degating In-Mold Technology for High-Quality Product Development Services

As an advanced injection molding technology, degating in-mold technology is already widely used in global high-quality products. With increasing labor costs and product quality expectations in China, many well-known enterprises in China, such as SAMSUNG, MIDEA, GREE, FOXCONN, etc., have also widely applied degating in-mold technology which has greatly enhanced their competitive advantage in the industry.

Degating in-mold technology refers to cutting or compressing the breakgate before the plastic injection mold is opened, enabling automated separation of the product and runners after the mold is opened. The traditional method is that workers have to trim the gate after plastic parts are molded. Labor intensity and costs are high, production efficiency is low and the gate trim is not so attractive.

There is no doubt that Immetech Industrial’s goal is to streamline manpower, steadily improve quality and reduce overall operating costs, hence why 60% of our production molds use degating in-mold technology to remove extra runner off parts. Below, we report on degating in-mold technology for the hyper pressure timing controller system: degating in-mold technology for gas-assisted injection molding:

Steps of degating technology for gas-assisted injection molding

  1. Mold is closed, degating cutter is closed for plug overflowgate
  2. Valve gate opened and high-speed injection into the mold begins, the product cools down for 10 seconds with closed mold
  3. Degating cutter returns to open the overflow gate, then opens the gas pin and starts blowing excess material into the overflow through the overflow gate
  4. Gas stops blowing, degating cutter closed to the runner (after cutting, a small boss remains, the degating cutter presses this into the product to meet the requirements of the part appearance without any extra material left)
  5. A lower injection pressure is used for part holding pressure and synchronized with part cooling to reduce the shrinkage of part appearance after cooling
  6. Complete cooling, mold ejection system starts working and removes parts, recycles extra plastic

The above steps seem very simple, but it is critical to calculate and control the opening and closing time of the degating cutter: too fast or too slow will lead to a poor product appearance. The Andefeer system for degating in-mold combines perfectly with the Bauer nitrogen filling control system: one system means that the degating cutter only needs to be closed once, which is ideal for general plastic injection molds; the other system means that the degating cutter needs to be closed twice, which is suited to gas-assisted injection molds.

The Industry 4.0 gene running through the Immetech team drives us to continuously develop and learn new technologies and new product developments at world-leading levels, strive to explore and forge ahead to become the leading enterprise of new craftsmanship in the industry, and to provide one-stop mold development and product molding services for more customers all over the world who also strive for high quality! If you are interested in related technologies or have related projects to develop, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.