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Immetech 2021 New Year Celebrations

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Immetech 2021 New Year Celebrations

Immetech staff sing employees into the New year of 2021

For the most part, we can all agree that 2020 was particularly peculiar, and covid-19 can certainly be blamed for turning the world into a vivarium of mundane gloominess. However that may be, 2020 also showed glimpses at a time, displays of endless possibilities shown through the continuous advancements in technology and the warmth of communities. Humanity has not only kept the vulnerable safe and protected, but provided unbounded care as well. 

Immetech rounded together within our own community to commemorate the positive achievements that impacted ourselves and the world too. We joined together for a formal opportunity to bid farewell to 2020 with a passionate goodbye, striding into the new year with a high drive for making 2021 a fantastic year for everyone! 

All the Immetech family gathered together on January the 1st, 2021, to have a party full of festive celebrations. 

The New Years party was held in the Qihu hotel in Qingyaun city. From the start there were engaging speeches, copious awards, captivating performance pieces, and group photos to round it all off. There was also the chance for the Frank Sinatra’s and Ella Fitzgerald’s out there to sing their heart out on the karaoke too. 

It must be said that the meticulous preparations of Immetech’s Logistics team truly delivered a night that every attendee was greatly enthusiastic about! 

To kick it all off, a group of work colleagues set the benchmark high by performing a dance rendition of the song “Your Smile” that certainly brought smiles to everyone’s faces with their well-choreographed dance. 

Immetech Chairman, Jason Xu, made an impactful speech summarising the achievements and growth of Immetech in 2020, and how Immetech is drawing a more magnificent blueprint for 2021. 

The growth and achievement of the company couldn’t have been achieved without the hard work of every single employee. Each staff member is conscientious and dedicated in their roles, creating ever-growing value for the company. To mark their dedication, the shining stars of our outstanding employees were given a certificate of honor for their work and a “Silver Treasure” award. 

In the events that followed, each department put on a show ranging from poetry recitals, catwalk shows, and charming chimes of a family choir. We really got to see many sides to the Immetech team and the hidden talents everyone had. It must be said that their confidence and enthusiasm really shone through! 

To close the ceremony the company held a raffle where employees could win big, with luxury goods including smartphones and cosmetics among the prizes!. Everyone was a winner, with gift cards given to those not winning the grand prizes. 

Lastly, Assembly Supervisor Mr. Duan shared his beautiful love story, in which he won the affection of the woman of his dreams, following encouragement by the Chairman. Shortly afterward Mr. Duan was lucky again, winning the grand prize in the raffle! 

Immetech’s 2020 annual conference came to a well-received close with a harmonious and joyful reception from all our employees. We all have hope for the New Year and Immetech is well prepared to move into 2021.

After such an extravagant night for Immetech, we are truly looking forward to what 2021 will bring and all the great new people we will meet!