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Immetech 2021 First Quarter Results

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Immetech 2021 First Quarter Results

Immetech post strong results for Q1 of 2021

Firstly, we wish to congratulate everyone at Immetech for the great 2021 first-quarter results! We also give thanks to our determined sales team whose ambition and energy are a driving force behind the continuous development of Immetech. These are Immetech’s key highlights in Q1: 

  • Aryan and the engineering team worked hard to get our Mexican customer’s automobile project into the market as quickly as possible. They spent more than two months speaking to overseas customers every day for two hours via conference calls, to discuss and solve potential project problems. They then introduced solutions to improve the production process including black paint, laser etching, white paint, and vacuum plating for one product.
  • Echo and the design team provided technical support and product reviews for our British customer’s “Haysteamer” project for over a year. They constantly explored solutions for the customer’s new ideas, with the project now successfully in tool development.
  • Kitty and the production & procurement departments worked closely to ensure that all the raw materials, injection molding machines, packing materials, and operators were in place for a customer based in Thailand. Despite shortages in the raw materials market this was achieved, with the needed resources obtained well within the customer’s required delivery date. 
  • Hebe and the mold department produced molds in strict accordance with a Russian customer’s specifications to achieve the optimal T0 state. The smart bracelet project has now been accelerated into mass production. 
  • Marky and the quality control team achieved an American customer’s quality requirements of zero defects for high-quality die-casting products. The team reviewed in detail the customer’s product delivery standard, organized and trained the personnel in the production line to follow the requirements of lean production, and ensured that all products were inspected and approved before delivery, ensuring 100% product quality compliance. 
  • Franny and the assembly department worked overtime to ensure the quality production of large quantities of sports equipment and on-time delivery. This allowed people who are quarantined to combat COVID-19 to still experience the joy of sports in a turbulent time. 

Once more, we want to thank all our colleagues at Immetech who put exceptional effort into the work they do to achieve the project requirements of our customers. In addition, we are deeply appreciative of the support and trust of all our customers that have worked with us in such a fluctuant global environment and dynamic market, your constant support is a driving force for our continuous development and growth. 

To thank the sales team for their efforts, a fun 2-day trip away was organized, taking in the beautiful scenery and exhilarating pastimes!  

With the first quarter coming to a close, Immetech start the second quarter with high positivity to overcome and excel with the new challenges ahead. We will always continue to provide our customers with high-quality injection molding services with an enthusiasm to “serve products to the world, build molds to the globe”. We look forward to seeing you in Q2.