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Immetech 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Trip

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Immetech 10th Anniversary Thanksgiving Trip

To mark the Immetech 10th anniversary, we organized a two-day tour of Zhuhai last weekend, to reward our hard work, enrich our cultural life and strengthen our team spirit. Everybody was excited to go, and enjoyed the trip.

On Day 1, we visited famous New Yuan Ming Palace, which features a partial reconstruction of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing, destroyed in 1860 and never rebuilt on its original site.

The afternoon saw us visiting the Lost City, a theme park based on ancient Egypt, and featuring the world’s most advanced water park design and equipment to create a wonderful world of water entertainment.









In the evening, we visited the grand Zhuhai Opera House – a great spot for photo opportunities!


On Day 2, our first stop was ShiJing Shan Park, which offers fantastic views from the highest point: Zhuhai City logo; the fisher girl stone statue; the Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong; and the Oriental Monte Carlo, Macau.


Following this, we boarded a professional sightseeing cruise from Jiuzhou Port for a Macau island tour, to enjoy Macau’s famous attractions such as the Lisboa Casino, Australian House and Mazu Pavilion.

Although the trip is over, we continue to grow and strive for our dreams together.

10 years, such a precious time in our life

10 years, working hard day and night

10 years, nothing is impossible for a willing heart

10 years, with gratitude for everything it brought us

For 3,650 days, we have pursued our hopes and dreams, encountering many hardships on the way. But what’s more is to appreciate the customers’ recognition of our determination to achieve our mission with every effort.

We will continue to drive forward, with the trust of our customers and the ultimate mission of our team, sailing towards a bigger dream, chasing for a higher success and fighting to realize our great vision: Serve products to the world; Build molds to the globe! We believe that Immetech will achieve a fruitful and bright future in the next 10 years, 20 years, 50 years and more.