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How To Identify A Qualified Mold Cooling System For Cars?

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How To Identify A Qualified Mold Cooling System For Cars?

As a key part of injection molding, the cooling system is mainly designed to meet the molding requirements, shorten the cycle time and balance thermal expansion. By keeping the temperature uniform at each mold component, it is possible to favorably control contraction and warping.

Well, how to identify a qualified cooling system for automotive molds?

First of all, there are design specifications covering the distance of water line, water plug, water well, gasket and cooling circuit design.

  1. Distance of water line
  2. Design of water plug

  3. Design of water well
    Considering the diversity of product configuration and varied mold surface heights, it is recommended to manage conformal cooling channels to enhance local cooling effectively. The cold-water well is used if the conformal cooling channel is difficult to process. The aim should be to have a uniform water line space if possible.
  4. Design of gasket
    Select PUNCH standard, OORP model, internal pressure sealing style. Operation temperature available is‐15° ~ 150°. Please remember to seal the groove with grease for gasket installation to prevent the groove from rusting.
  5. Connection design of cooling circuit
    The cooling circuit should not be connected in parallel, no matter whether it is for interior connection or external connection of the mold.Inside the mold, the break through the waterway requires a 90°partition. When it comes to the mold exterior, a 90°elbow will be a good choice since that will avoid direct connections to operation side, top and bottom sides. Meanwhile, it is important to set a cooling circuit surrounding the hot runner gate, to protect the sealing effect of the hot runner nozzle and to balance the gate temperature.In addition, if there is a high mold temperature required (temperature ≥50°), please note that no cooling circuit is allowed at the operation side, and MUST use Teflon pipes for connection; these measures increase operator protection in the case of pipe burst.

Secondly, design verification with Moldflow analysis provides great support for a qualified cooling system.

Usually, automobile manufacturers will choose an industrial design company and manage the mold flow analysis according to the parameters of the injection machine and product specification, to check the performance of filling, cooling and deformation, in order to improve product and mold design and reduce the risk of mold building.

Immetech has been in the industrial design sector for 10 years. Our core value is offering customers comprehensive solutions, including proposals for product optimization, suggestions for material selection, comments about gate location and size, solutions for cooling and deformation improvement. We don’t just provide a “Moldflow analysis report”!

Now, Immetech has a professional design team with over 20 years’ experience, which has handled thousands of projects with mold flow analysis, accomplishing design improvements for approximately 5,000 molds. Through the combination of theoretical analysis and actual process, Immetech is well known to support customers in solving all kinds of molding problems.

Lastly, to judge whether a car mold cooling system is qualified or not, it depends on final molding performance.

We all know the strict quality control requirements for industrial products, especially for automotive accessories. To answer whether the mold building and cooling system are good and qualified, comprehensive quality tests and inspections are needed to verify. Appearance inspection, measurement report, assembly validation, and so on, are the common methods.

Immetech pays close attention to quality assurance and proceeds with ISO9001:2015. We own a series of quality testing instruments such as Hexagon 3D CMM testing machine, salt spray testing machine and metal hardness tester, and can support customers flexibly in product optimization and mold design, offering quality report according to customers’ requirements.

Until now, Immetech Industrial has served a number of well-known automotive enterprises successfully, including Ford, Volvo, BMW, Audi, Saic Motor, etc. Going forward, Immetech brings the values of Focus, Innovation, Integrity and Win-win, and continues to provide a high- quality service for both new and old customers.