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    Growing stronger together with Immetech

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    Growing stronger together with Immetech

    Immetech was founded in 2009, growing vigorously under the leadership of her founder. In 2014, Immetech moved to Dalingshan for increased production capacity, and in 2015 we set up the injection department at the new factory and put it into production, creating extraordinary performance for the company and producing millions of parts for global brands. In 2019, the Injection Department undertook a major reformation, upgrading the workshop to a 100,000-grade medical clean injection molding workshop. As the Director of the Injection Department, Jack Xu always sticks to a philosophy of “I am working as long as the machines are working, I am always here if the company needs me,” all year round. We believe this sense of responsibility comes from a love for Immetech.

    At Immetech, we firmly believe our staff is the cornerstone of the company; without excellent staff, no matter how high-end the machine, it cannot work efficiently. Since joining the company, Jack Xu has been constantly developing and growing along with the Injection Department. He started out as an operator and, through dedication and with his hard-working personality, quickly acquired solid injection molding machine skills, rising to the position of Injection Molding Department Director. No matter which post he is in, he is pragmatic, scrupulously dedicated to his duties, and loves his job. He encourages a strong sense of responsibility in the hearts of fellow workers and has established an ideal image of Immetech:

    1. Learn diligently and keep developing technical skills. When first joining the Injection Department, despite high workload and pressure, Jack Xu endeavored to learn the essential of injection molding from his co-workers with an open mind; after only three months, he was able to handle production problems single-handedly. Joining the Injection Department prompted him to continue studying and self-development in his 40s.
    2. Be hard-working and conscientious. 365 days a year, as long as the company needs, as long as the department needs, as long as his colleagues need, he always responds immediately and assists in handling events both large and small. If you need a hand, Jack is here.
    3. Stick to principles and act impartially. When a colleague makes a mistake at work, he will not ignore it because they are new employees, nor will he severely criticize it because they are old employees. He always judges the things not people and treats every employee fairly.
    4. Strengthen unity and cohesion. As the Injection Department was a relatively new department at that time, the quicklyformed team lacked cohesion and unity. After Jack became the head of the Injection Molding Department, he assisted the production manager stabilizing the overall situation, putting people first, and took the time, in accordance with company policy, for thorough, patient and meticulous ideological education for Injection Department employees, which made contributed to the overall stability and cohesion of Immetech.
    5. Rely on the system and standardize management. Since 2019, Immetech upgraded from 5S field management to the 7S format, and strengthened on-site management and control according to the company’s rules and regulations. The orderly systems left a deep impression on customers at home and abroad.

    Five years is simultaneously a short and a long period; during these five years, Jack Xu has grown and developed together with Immetech and the future is truly promising.