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E-Project Release Exceeds Expectations

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E-Project Release Exceeds Expectations

For an ongoing E Project, Immetech began working together with our customer to solve potential product problems in April 2018. In order to cater to the European market, the customer has been constantly optimizing the product structure. In order to reduce production costs, our design and engineering team have continuously provided innovative schemes for products and mold structure. And in order to ensure mold life, we use the best steel.




After many efforts between SMK and Immetech, we finally kicked off and started cutting steel at the beginning of April 2019. Machining work is taken step-by-step and when one process is done, we undertake careful inspection to avoid any mistakes.
In order to meet the tight timeline, our team and machines worked 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. On the 15th May, we are pleased to report that all E-Project products released have exceeded our customer’s expectations. After careful examination, one by one, the customer was surprised and delighted that we made it ahead of time, and with only flash issues along the way. There may of course be some modification needed for products, since we and our customer always pursue perfection. These are the standards and values that Immetech prides itself on.


examining 2


Thanks to the great result across all products, even a bowl of Hot & Sour Rice Noodles made our customer so happy! And they now have total confidence to award to us their next version of remote control parts,as soon as the Part CAD is ready. All efforts well paid off!