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Communications Project Success for Major Mobile Brand

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Communications Project Success for Major Mobile Brand

Mobile technology products ready for mass production in rapid time

Immetech is pleased to have successfully completed a project for a Chinese mobile communications giant, from customer inquiry to sample confirmation, in only one month. The product is communications equipment, and we received the enquiry for mold and production from the customer on April 17, 2019. Due to the customer’s urgent demands, we took just three intensive days to learn the technical details, review and analyse the project, in order to start the mold design on April 21st . We know that the future market demand for this series of products is huge, therefore in order to ensure the working life of the mold, we used top-qulity imported steel, and the mold insert and lifters were specially hardened.




The customer made it clear that there will be 5 million purchase requests for these communication products in the next four months, which will bring high-speed Internet access and data transmission services to thousands of homes across China. In order to meet the customer’s deadline and product quality requirements in good time, and realize the rapid and large-scale production, all departments across Immetech cooperated with each other and worked overtime 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Finally, samples were finished on May 17th, a very satisfying 9 days earlier than the customer’s expected schedule. The client was more than pleased and praised the positive performance of our team.

We will continue to work hard to give customers ever more positive results in the mass production of products. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit and Immetech’s driving goal!