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    Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival

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    Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival

    To mark the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival, we have prepared Mid-Autumn moon cakes for all partners, to help employees and their families feel the warmth as part of the company’s “big family”, and to extend festive greetings and best wishes to them.

    Immetech has a fine tradition of preparing benefits for all employees every month, and of course this includes gifts for employees during traditional Chinese holidays. In the Immetech 10th anniversary year, we have specially prepared Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes for their families, to thank all those excellent employees who have made great efforts as part of the Immetech team.

    This is a concrete embodiment of the healthy and sustainable development of Immetech,  and the benefits this brings to our employees. It’s also a sign of our most sincere care and love for each employee!

    Immetech staff welcome the strong backing the company provides, and view it as a second home. “Working with Immetech, we have no worries, and so can better serve our customers and make our contribution to the bright future of the company!”