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Celebrating 10 Years of Immetech

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Celebrating 10 Years of Immetech

“Appreciation for last ten years, look ahead for the future”

This was the theme of our 10th Anniversary gala celebrations, at which we gathered together with families, friends and partners to look back in gratitude on the last decade, and look forward to the future!

The celebration took place on January 3rd, at the Haiyatt Garden Hotel, Chang An, with many distinguished guests in attendance.

Let’s review the wonderful highlights together.

 Immetech President’s speech

Ten years of trekking and we still remain true to our original aspiration; Immetech will forge ahead based on the past achievements. Here at this 10th Anniversary Celebration, Immetech President Jason Xu delivered a speech.

Jason reviewed the development progress of the last 10 years, and introduced the company strategy for the future, to build up a smart tool-making and manufacturing factory with interactive systems to share real-time project information and status with customers. Jason concluded with an expression of gratitude to Immetech staff, customers, suppliers, partners, friends and his alumni, and thanks for their companionship.

Awards Ceremony

Immetech turns 10: From a few people at the beginning, to today’s large team, every step of our growth is tied up with the dedication of all the people, with the trust and support of Immetech staff, customers, suppliers and friends. We appreciate all of your trust.

In appreciation of all awardees, we sourced a professional mint to create commemorative coins. Crafted from 999 pure silver and plated with 18K gold, these coins are unique and significant objects! Moreover, for staff, team, suppliers and customers who have offered outstanding contributions, there are customized Japanese original mechanical watches bearing Immetech 10th anniversary marks as a special souvenir.

Particularly, we would like to highlight the headline part of the event: Awards for Remarkable Contribution, for 10 Immetech employees.

At Immetech, there are some staff who never worried about personal gains and losses in their work, they have treated the factory as their home, kept working hard and have offered remarkable contributions to the development of Immetech.

Therefore, we set out a special section of the ceremony and invited the parents of these outstanding staff members, to be the special guests of honor presenting awards to their children, and to have the opportunity to appreciate their children’s achievements and the recognition from their colleagues.

Immetech appreciates the parents sincerely for their support in their children’s work and dedication to Immetech. As a gift, these family members enjoyed an all-expenses-paid two-day tour following the event.

Wonderful performances

At the event, both Immetech members and external entertainers demonstrated exceptional talent, and brought us a wonderful audio-visual feast, to great applause from the audience!

Celebration for 10 years of Immetech

At this notable moment, let’s share the cake for joy and gratitude, pour the champagne, toast together, salute each other and appreciate all staff, partners and friends for their support!

Lucky draw 

How could we have a lively ceremony without an exciting lucky draw? There were plentiful prizes, with the lucky winners coming to the stage to cheers from the audience.

Greetings for the new year

Looking back, we have worked hard collectively and acquired fruitfulness with joy. In 2020, we will set sail and build brilliance, seek dreams and move forward, creating a better future!