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Company Story

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Team effort for delicious rice dumplings This past weekend we’ve been celebrating Dragon Boat Festival, also called the Duanwu Festival, which takes place on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese lunar calendar. More specifically, it commemorates the death of Qu Yuan,...

Taking on 25km at Songshan Lake This March 23rd we just completed a fantastic 25km team building hiking day at Songshan Lake. We split our group into 5 teams and for a speed competition. The whole trip was finished before 4pm and in a little rain....

Find out more about some of our Program Managers We are so proud of our team of dedicated Program Managers here at Immetech. As a company we are committed to investing in people, providing real job satisfaction and a great environment to work in. We hope...

Founded by Hubei native Jason Xu, the story of Immetech begins with his story Part 1:Dongguan is a global hotspot for injection molding, and Changan is at the heart of it. There are about 2,000 mold making manufacturers in the area and Immetech is one of...