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Caring for Employees’ Wellbeing and Health

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Caring for Employees’ Wellbeing and Health

Immetech organized an all-staff Health Check

With an accelerated pace of life and increases of work pressure, the physical fitness of employees is particularly important. In order to effectively maintain the physical and mental health of employees, build a harmonious working environment, and provide a “health protection umbrella” for employees, on August 4th Immetech arranged for all employees to take part in annual free health examination activities, at the Aikang health examination center. To ensure the health check ran smoothly, and all staffs’ health concerns were taken into consideration, we prepared by collecting and collating employees’ views, and conducted a detailed investigation of the health examination environment and equipment. The health check included surgery, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, liver function, renal function, blood routine and other items as required.

On the day, employees arrived work early and took pre-arranged transport to the health examination center and, after queueing for the health examination form, conducted individual item-by-item examinations under the guidance of medical staff. The participating employees recognize and appreciate the concern shown for them by Immetech in organizing this health examination, and that a comprehensive and detailed check-up helps with “early diagnosis, early prevention, early treatment,” and to strengthen and encourage physical exercise. With a healthy body and a good mentality, we can actively devote ourselves to work to meet new challenges and make contributions to the development and expansion of Immetech.


Immetech has always been people-oriented, with practical efforts to boost staff’s physical and mental health an important agenda. Through the regular organization of staff health examinations, employees can truly feel the warmth of the enterprise. We aim to be a conscientious company, making quality molds and products, and thank all our staff – together with you, Immetech will grow to greater things!