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7S Revolution – Continuous Optimization

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7S Revolution – Continuous Optimization

The 7S Revolution: Reorganization (Seiri); Consolidation (Seiton); Clearing (Seiso); Cleaning (Seikeetsu); Attainment (Shitsuke); Safety; Saving

Initiated here at Immetech, 7S is a continuous process of optimizing the factory and working environment.

In June 2019, Immetech launched the 7S campaign with great enthusiasm. Our supervisors collaborated to devise a detailed 7S policy, and created a reward system. Initially, the 7S audit team identified various issues in different departments and areas. Following two weeks of rectification, the problem areas were comprehensively improved, particularly in the production department and the mold-making workshop. Each area now has a designated 7S representative, and carry signs to make the policies clear at a glance.

The 7S Revolution serves not only to improve our production efficiency, but also to boost the spirit of our employees, making the organization more energetic and dynamic. 7S encourages continuous implementation, inspection and improvement. Our goal is to embed the concept of 7S with all employees, so that it becomes a habit and culture. These improvements are the fundamental guarantee for product and work quality, so that we can effectively and continuously provide customers with high-quality products and services.