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10 Years of Immetech

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10 Years of Immetech

Preparations for the Immetech 10th Anniversary Celebration

Time flies like an arrow, years pass – in the blink of an eye, Immetech turns 10 years old.

From the early days as a small tool design team with a few people, Immetech has developed to become transformed as a professional one-stop solution provider in design, prototyping, mold development & manufacture, production and assembly services. In the last 10 years, every stage of Immetech’s growth is inseparable from the dedication of all our staff, with the continued trust and support of our suppliers and customers. We appreciate all you have done in contributing to the development and success of Immetech.

To mark this special moment, we have organized a 10th anniversary celebration event with the theme “Appreciation for last ten years, look ahead for the future” to express and share our gratitude. Immetech staff, partners and friends have been warmly invited to join in celebration of our growth and achievements over the past 10 years. Let’s collaborate further for a brighter future!

What shape will these 10th anniversary celebrations take?

Commemorative pieces

Ten years of hard work, ten years of fruitfulness. It is thanks to the efforts of our staff, partners, customers and suppliers, uniting in hard work and mutual understanding, that we overcome obstacles and move forward.

In appreciation of all our team members and partners, we sourced a professional mint to create commemorative coins. Crafted from 999 pure silver and plated with 18K gold, these coins are unique and significant objects! Moreover, for staff members, suppliers and customers who have offered outstanding contributions, there are customized Japanese original mechanical watches bearing Immetech 10th anniversary marks as a special souvenir.

Wonderful performances

The Immetech teams are versatile – not only performing well at work, but also demonstrating exceptional talent in song and dance, as we have seen from the rehearsals!

10 years, 120 months, 36,000 days: to mark this milestone and show gratitude for all the achievements made, a group of Immetech staff will perform an interpretive dance, “Grateful Heart”.

Special guests

As a special gesture, Immetech has invited the parents of outstanding staff to the ceremony, to be the guests of honor presenting awards to their children, and to have the opportunity to appreciate their children’s achievements and the recognition from their colleagues. These family members will enjoy an all-expenses-paid two-day tour following the event, as a token of our sincere gratitude for the dedication of our outstanding team members over the years.

Greetings from overseas clients

At this notable time, those overseas customers who were unable to attend the event sent video greetings to mark the occasion – a very warm and moving gesture!

10 years of development and growth, from a group of brave and persistent dream-seekers.

10 years of striving, Immetech has transformed, going further with innovation, developed through competition, and collaborating for a win-win situation.

And 10 years is just the beginning. Immetech will continue writing new chapters with patience and passion, aiming always to “Serve products to the world; Build molds to the globe”. With eight great advantages, working move forward. Keep striving, Immetech team!

We conclude with a short poem to express our emotion:

With the spirit of craftsmanship

Progressing together in every opportunity

Steady direction in ups and downs

Growing in competition

Uniting in development

Striving for excellence while scaling new heights

Creating the future with continuous innovation

We fight our way with enterprise

Remain true to our original aspiration

Seek dreams and move forward

Setting sail and build brilliance in 2020

Keeping in step with prevailing development

Sharing our destiny

Creating the future

Appreciation for last 10 years, Look ahead for the future