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Manufacturing&Production Capacity


     There are more than 150 staffs at Immetech, of which more than 70 mold technicians, 12 engineering designers, 6 programmers. Immetech is equipped with all kinds precise milling machines, grinding machines, CNC machines, EDM machines, wire cutting machines, which enable Immetech quickly manufacture and repair a variety of different molds. The manufacture department has injection molding machine from 86 to 250 tons, and can produce all types of plastic products. Immetech has capacity to build 40-50 sets of medium-sized molds every month, and an annual output of more than 350 sets of medium molds. We can provide customers with the most advanced technology (such as sensors, vacuum, blowing nitrogen, etc.) and the shortest lead time of mold building. At present, we can build the mold with the size of 2000 mm * 1800mm, and mold weighs as heavy as 15 tons.