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Immetech Present: a fighting story of a “Grass root”

Dongguan is one of mold center in the world, and Changan is the heart of the center for the mold making. There are about 2,000 molding making manufacturers located and IMMETECH is one of them, from there IMMETECH sets sail to the world. The boss of IMMETECH is Jason Xu, English name Jason Xu. At the age of his 14, he left his poor homeland, one of small town in Hubei Mountain area and fought his career in Dongguan till have his own business kingdom. Today, he can not only speak fluent English, but also manages his enterprise vividly and impressively. He learned the enterprise management, mold research and technology, his company has firm partnership with companies from more than 20 countries in the world, including North America, Europe, Australia, Japan, etc. From 14 to 40 years old, he worked at building site at the very beginning...【MORE】